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The most comprehensive and affordable repipe process for Multi-Family buildings.

Repipe Specialists is comprised of highly specialized teams with decades of experience to handle your repipe, surpassing expectations throughout the entire process.

Throughout our 30 years and 75,000 repipes completed, we’ve re-defined repiping with our "One Stop Repipe Process"™ for Multi-Family and HOA repipe projects.

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Why Repipe Your Home?


Your home is your sanctuary and a significant investment. However, with deteriorating or substandard pipes, damage to your home isn't a matter of if, but when.

Did you know 300 to 500 feet of pipe runs through the average home? That's a long way for water to travel. Having repiped more than 75,000 homes in 30+ years, we know what it takes for things to flow smoothly: to keep pipes from leaking, to keep low water pressure from happening, and to ensure homeowners feel 1000% confident about what's behind their walls and under their floors.

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Why Repipe Your Home

These are the primary reasons our customers opt for a whole-house repipe:

Pipe & Slab Leaks

Recurring Leaks

Have you had water leaks?

A whole home repipe guarantees peace-of-mind from pipe and slab leaks.

Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure

Suffering from Low Water Pressure?

If mineral or rust buildup is clogging your pipes, a whole home repipe may be your best solution.

Rusty or Discolored Water

Rusty Water

Do You Have Water Quality Issues?

A repipe can help you get clean, healthy, and clear-flowing water.

Preventive Maintenance

Well-maintained Home

Concerns About Your Old Piping?

A whole home repipe can add value to your home while preventing the risk of leaks and water damage.


Pinhole Pipe Leaks

A pinhole pipe leak is a tiny leak in a pipe about the size of a pinhole. This type of leak is found in copper pipes and may be seen anywhere throughout your home. Pinhole leaks can occur as a single leak, in clusters, or along the length of a pipe.

There are multiple causes of pinhole leaks. Sometimes, pinhole leaks in your pipes can be the result of more than one cause.

pinhole leak in copper pipe

Pinhole leak in a copper pipe.

Corrosion of Copper Piping

  • High chlorine levels in your tap water
  • Rust in the hot water heater
  • High water pH (measures acidity)
  • Microbes (bacteria) in the water or soil
copper pipe corrosion

Copper pipe corrosion

Slab Leaks

A slab leak is a plumbing leak that occurs under the slab foundation of your home. Sometimes slab leaks start out as pinhole leaks in copper pipes, however not all pinhole leaks are slab leaks, nor are all slab leaks pinhole leaks. Sometimes a slab leak can occur in the form of a cracked or completely broken pipe.

Like pinhole leaks, slab leaks can have multiple causes, some of which can occur simultaneously.

  • Installation problems
  • Shifting of the ground/ cracked slabs
  • Corrosion
  • Abrasion

When we repipe a home after a slab leak has been identified, we route new piping through ceilings, attics, and walls; bypassing the slab. You'll never need to worry about a slab-leak again.

copper pipe slab leak

Leak in a concrete slab

Low Water Pressure

It can be extremely frustrating rinsing shampoo out of your hair under a trickling shower-head or waiting forever for a bathtub to fill up.

When low water pressure affects the whole home, it will take longer to wash your dishes, your clothes and yourself.

There are numerous causes that can affect your home water pressure. Sometimes it can be your pressure regulator or a water meter valve partially closed.

However, the cause may also be due to clogged piping: particularly in the case of galvanized pipes. Pipes can develop interior corrosion and buildup which restricts water flow.

To counter the restricted water flow, sometimes homeowners (or plumbers) may increase the entry water pressure at their pressure regulator. This can eventually lead to leaks developing; turning what may have been just an inconvenience, into a source of very expensive damage.

Clogged pipes reducing water pressure

Clogged pipes reducing water pressure

Rusty Or Discolored Water

Rusty pipes are a common issue for homeowners. As faucets are turned on and off, causing the pressure inside the pipes to change repeatedly, it can cause loosened rust to dislodge from the pipe. This discolored water then makes its way through the water supply line into the bathroom and kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers, and laundry room.

Galvanized pipes are also major culprits for dispensing rust-colored water. And in most cases, this is a systemic issue throughout home pipes.

Galvanized pipes are also major culprits for dispensing rust-colored water. And in most cases, this is a systemic issue throughout home pipes.

Rusty galvanized pipes

Rusty galvanized pipes

Preventive Maintenance

In certain neighborhoods, many of our customers are very familiar with the term 'repipe' from friends and neighbors that have already had their home repiped, even though they themselves have not yet experienced any repipe symptoms within their home pipes.

It is common that homes in the same neighborhood, will have similar piping: and failures can happen in clusters across many nearby homes over a relatively short time-period.

When old (or inferior) pipes fail and cause leaks - the damage can be considerably more expensive than a repipe. Particularly if the leak occurs when no one is home, or if it's a slow leak that causes significant damage before being noticed (this is a common cause of homes needing very expensive mold remediation).

water damage from pipe leak

Water damage from pipe leak

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